Tennis elbow is not just a tennis injury! Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondyalgia) is a condition which the tendons in the elbow cause pain on the outside part of the elbow. This in process causes inflammation in the tissue surrounding the tendon.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain on the outside of the elbow and forearm
  • Forearm muscle weakness and often losing grip due to pain
  • Elbow stiffness in the morning

Key Stats and Facts

  • 3% of all adults each year are affected by Tennis Elbow
  • 10% of these adults are actually Tennis players!

Uncover the process

  • Tennis elbow pain can be relieved by strengthening the muscles around your shoulder and forearm
  • Tennis elbow pain can also be relieved by improving your grip position when lifting day to day objects (e.g a bag of groceries or the kettle!)
  • Tennis elbow can also caused referred pain into the neck
  • Tennis elbow is commonly found in age groups from 35-55 years of age

Dos and Donts

  • Don’t try to grip and lift an object with a bent wrist (keep neutral grip position)
  • Supportive braces can help to relieve pain and provide rest to the painful area
  • Avoid weight bearing through hands and wrists
  • Avoid repetitive forearm and wrist tasks

Next Steps

  • We can help relieve your Tennis elbow through improving how your shoulder and elbows move and relieving tight muscles which pull on the painful spot on the outside part of the elbow