Are you looking for Sports Massage in Brisbane?

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a treatment, as well as a preventive treatment, that is used to treat injuries associated with connective tissues and muscles, tone, range of movement, quality of posture, muscle balance and symmetry. This form of massage takes into consideration of both the client’s physiology and anatomy, and the requirements on their body due to their sport of choice. Sports massage will at times use a number of other modalities like trigger point therapy, remedial therapy, deep tissues therapy, and cross fiber techniques. The main purpose of sports massage therapy is to ensure that the athlete’s body is in peak condition for optimal athletic performance.

Bounce Physiotherapy Brisbane

Bounce Physio has a qualified and experienced team of physiotherapists and massage assistants dedicated to provide professional sports massage in Brisbane. We have made sure that whatever your sports massage needs, our therapist will be able to take care of them. We have even gone a step further to ensure that the message therapist can provide you with our services at the comfort of your own Brisbane home; all you have to do is make a home visit appointment.

What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

These are some of the benefits of using our sports massage therapy services:

  • You receive quick results in Bardon, Paddington or Brisbane
  • Qualified Brisbane staff that will give a complete assessment of injuries and tight soft tissue to determine how to best treat you
  • Treatment techniques that are not only effective, but also hands on
  • Assistance during recovery, or rehabilitation, and also injury prevention
  • Assessment and treatment of muscle imbalance and flexibility
  • Pre-event and post-event preparation for sporting events.

Who Can Benefit from Sport Massage?

Apart from athletes, anyone can benefit from using our sports massage services in Paddington, Bardon or Brisbane. This treatment can have benefits like relief of muscle tension and reduction of cramps, spasms, and pain due to the stress of daily activities, busy schedules, and training.

Why Bounce Physiotherapy?

At Bounce Physio we make sure we combine various modalities in massage treatment to come up with a holistic treatment for sports massage therapy that is tailored to not only a sport athlete’s needs, but also to the needs of any individual with an active lifestyle. If you are looking for the best sports massage therapy in Bardon, Paddington or Brisbane, WE ARE IT!

Health fund rebates

Sports massage treatments performed by a physiotherapist are eligible to receive a health insurance rebate. Bardon Physiotherapy also employs two physiotherapy assistants, sports massage performed by a physiotherapy assistant is not eligible for rebate although costs are lower and time doubled. All treatments performed by a physiotherapy assistance are under the guideline of a qualified physiotherapist.