We’ve all experience dizziness at some point, whether it be getting up from a chair too quick or walking off a roller coaster. Dizziness is the term given to the feeling of unsteadiness, light headedness or disorientation that can occur for a number or reasons. Most dizziness is caused by conditions that are not serious in nature, however the symptoms themselves can be extremely debilitating which makes it extremely difficult to lead your normal daily activities


Vertigo is similar to dizziness but is distinctly recognizable by the sensation of the world around you spinning. Vertigo is a symptom strongly correlated with dysfunction of the inner ear, known as the Vestibular System.

The good news!?

Bounce Physio’s are brilliant at assessing and treating dizziness & vertigo! We use a series of assessments to determine whether your symptoms are coming from the inner ear, neck or brain and ensure that you leave your first session with a through plan of attack.

What to expect

Your therapist will take into account your specific situation, what symptoms you are experiencing, and listen to how and when they affect you. For most people, these are the most important pieces of information to help us determine the source of the issue, so have a think about it before you arrive – some even find keeping a diary of their symptoms helps determine a pattern.

Some of the assessments involved can be rather physical and may reproduce some of your symptoms. If you have been experiencing dizziness or vertigo we recommend that you receive assistance in transport to and from the clinic until you are deemed safe by your Doctor.

Recovery timeframes depend heavily on what is determined to be the cause of your symptoms. BPPV is a condition commonly treated by Bounce Physios and we commonly see great results in as little as 3 sessions. For those people that have put up with their symptoms for longer, or experience more intense symptoms, we expect noticeable improvement within 4-6 weeks. We will typically have a discussion at the 4 week mark to ensure all parties are satisfied with the progress of treatment and involve other medical professionals if required.