Our therapists at Bounce Physio have had the pleasure of helping so many of our Bounce family through the beautiful & exciting time that surround childbirth. The physical demands of becoming a mother come with its own set of very unique & specific challenges. Unfortunately, conditions like back pain, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor and abdominal muscle dysfunction are all very common. But don’t confuse ‘common’ with ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’.

At Bounce Physio we strongly believe in individualising treatment to our clients. Put simply, that means there is never a one size fits all answer to a musculoskeletal problem, no matter how simple it may seem. Whether it be back pain or something requiring a more specialised approach, Bounce Physio is your first stop on the road to recovery!

Did you know!?

Some physiotherapists specialise specifically in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction – they are worth their weight in gold! Ask any of our friendly staff at your local practice if you feel you might benefit from such services. We can help point you in the direction of our favourites!

Symptoms such as Urinary Incontinence when exercising, laughing or coughing/sneezing are easy to ignore and it can be a difficult topic to discuss. Bounce Physio is here to help! We can’t promise a fix to every problem, but Bounce Physio’s have so many connections to fantastic local health specialists including Doctors and Physios in the Women’s Health sector.

Whether preparing you for your journey, or supporting you once the fun has already begun, Bounce Physio’s pride ourselves on making the process as easy as can be. We strive to leave you feeling stress & pain free so you can spend your time enjoying the more important things!